2.7M earthquake at 34 km WNW of Squamish, Canada



Earthquake Details

Time (UTC) Date Location Magnitude
16:26:51 2024-01-26 34 km WNW of Squamish, Canada 2.7

🏭 Nearby Power Generation Facilities (within 50 kilometers)

Name Capacity (MW) Owner Primary Fuel Type
Ashlu Creek 49.9 Innergex Inc Hydro
Box Canyon 15.0 Hydro
Brandywine Creek 8.0 Run of River Power Hydro
Brandywine Creek Small Hydro 8.0 Rockford Energy Corp Hydro
Cheakamus 158.0 BC Hydro Hydro
Clowhom 33.0 BC Hydro Hydro
Culliton Creek 15.0 Hydro
Furry Creek 10.0 Furry Creek Power Ltd Hydro
Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Corp 112.0 Biomass
Lower Bear 10.0 Hydro
Lower Clowhom 11.0 Hydromax Energy Ltd Hydro
Mamquam 58.0 Atlantic Power Corp Hydro
McNair Creek 10.0 Hydro
Salmon Inlet (Sechelt Creek) 17.0 Hydro
Skookum Power (Mamquam Skookum) 25.0 Hydro
Squamish Power Project 1.0 Woodfibre LNG Ltd Hydro
Tyson Creek 9.0 Hydro
Upper Bear 10.0 Hydro
Upper Clowhom 11.0 Hydromax Energy Ltd Hydro
Upper Mamquam 25.0 TransAlta (100%) Hydro