4.3M earthquake at 11 km SE of Suozhen, China



Earthquake Details

Time (UTC) Date Location Magnitude
23:53:31 2022-05-01 11 km SE of Suozhen, China 4.3

🏭 Nearby Power Generation Facilities (within 50 kilometers)

Name Capacity (MW) Owner Primary Fuel Type
CHALCO Shandong Branch Power Station 138.0 CHALCO Shandong Branch Coal
Huadian Zibo power station 950.0 Huadian Power International Company Limited Coal
Huantai power station 180.0 Huantai County Power Plant Coal
Qilu Works power station 490.0 Sinopec Qilu Co Coal
Shandong Chenming Mill power station 255.0 Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Coal
Shandong Huatai power station 270.0 Shandong Huatai Paper Co Ltd Coal
Shandong Jinling power station 100.0 Shandong Jinling Mining Co Ltd Coal
Tianyuan Shandong power station 600.0 Shandong Tianyuan Thermoelectric Coal
Weiqiao Zouping-1 power station 2640.0 Shandong Hongqiao Limited Coal
Weiqiao Zouping-3 power station 1200.0 Shandong Weiqiao Aluminum & Power Co Ltd Coal
Weiqiao Zouping-6 power station 2640.0 Shandong Weiqiao Aluminum Power Co Ltd Coal
Weiqiao Zouping-7 power station 2640.0 Weiqiao Textile Limited Coal
Zhangdian power station 190.0 Shandong Tianyuan Thermoelectricity Coal
Zibo Hongda power station 140.0 Zibo Hongda Thermal Power Coal