2.14M earthquake at 17 km WSW of Delta, B.C., MX



Earthquake Details

Time (UTC) Date Location Magnitude
10:29:02 2023-11-14 17 km WSW of Delta, B.C., MX 2.14

🏭 Nearby Power Generation Facilities (within 50 kilometers)

Name Capacity (MW) Owner Primary Fuel Type
Baja California Sur I 162.7 CFE Oil
Cerro Prieto 1.0 Solar
Cerro Prieto 570.0 CFE Geothermal
Cerro Prieto I 30.0 Geothermal
Energia de BC 337.1 Energia De Bc S. De R.l. De C. V. Gas
Energía Azteca X 298.6 Energía Azteca X S. De R. L. De C. V. Gas
Mexicali 489.0 CFE/PIE Gas
Termoelectrica de Mexicali 679.7 Termoelectrica De Mexicali S. De R.l. De C. V. Gas
Drop 4 19.6 Imperial Irrigation District Hydro
Drop 5 4.0 Imperial Irrigation District Hydro
East Highline 2.4 Imperial Irrigation District Hydro
Imperial Valley Solar LLC 199.9 Imperial Valley Solar LLC Solar
Mount Signal Solar Farm V 252.3 Imperial Valley Solar 3 LLC Solar